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A Decentralized

Exchange You Can Trust

01. Fast & Agile

The Hedera network achieves 10,000+ transactions per second, in a single shard and on-ledger, without compromising on network security or stability.

02. Cost-Effective

Around $0.0001 USD per transaction. In combination with high throughput, micropayments using a token on Hedera, or HBARs, is a practical reality.

03. Top-notch Security

Never wait for block confirmations again. HBAR transactions achieve finality, on-ledger, within three to five seconds. Be confident in payment settlements and be part of the modern digital economy.

04. Eco-friendly

"Green blockchains" exist! Sustainable over long term. Hedera is orders of magnitude more energy-efficient than other blockchain-based, proof-of-work networks and is comparable with VISA.